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Living Room

The Living Room is often the most important room for a family. We can help you create the ideal environment by offering Sofas, Tables, Entertainment Centers and more.


A Bedroom is often the most spiritual part for a family. A beautiful room lead's to a great night's sleep and less stress. We offer a large variety of Bedroom Sets.

Dining Room

The Dining Room can help create memorable moments with friends and family. We offer Dining sets, Servers, and China Cabinets.

A company who believes in helping families create an ideal home environment.

Here at Smart Buy Furniture, we believe that family matters most. Which is why we strive to provide the best support to those in need of furniture. Great furniture leads to a great home, which leads to a happy family.

What our clients think of us

Michael Davido offered us great customer service and provided our home with a great couch for our living rooms. As a family filled with gamers, we purchased a couch that was very top-notch. The couch came with cup-holders and a retractable seating. Very satisfied with our purchase.

Giovani Camara Web Designer Giovani Camara Web Design

My husband and I came to Smart Buy Furniture to help furnish our new home in Petaluma. Since it's a warehouse, there were not a bunch of items on display. Michael says it helps him keep costs down, which allows him to offer us better pricing. We were a bit hesitant to special order furniture from his online catalog. But we are so glad we did! With a baby on the way and just moving into our new home, we were on a tight budget. Michael helped us furnish our home at a fraction of what we would have paid at a large furniture store! We received our furniture within a week, and we love it!

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Melissa Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

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